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Lets begin where you are. Wellness,  Cultivate wellness, freedom, and a greater sense of ease in the body.

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Literally and metaphorically when you create more space in your body, there is more space for your life and for the people and things you love.

We are here to help you let go, relax, and to create more space in your body. By cultivating a calm and peaceful mind and helping you feel better you can learn to let go of resistance to your wellbeing and to move toward your true self, which is peaceful calm and light.

We chose the symbol of Bodhi tree because it represents transformation and change. Seeing things as they are. It is associated with an individual’s journey into oneness or unity. As the seed that begins tiny and hard grows open and free, so does one’s mind and heart.

Bodhi Tree Bodywork - Wellness, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists


Treatments Offered


Is an intuitive approach to wellness using some or all of the following massage techniques: Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Trigger point, Rosen Method, Reiki, Myofacial Release, and Aroma Therapy.


Informs all of my modalities.  It helps relieve chronic muscle tension, through gentle touch, by bringing a greater sense of awareness to holding patterns in the body.  Through gentle listening hands, observation of the breath, and informative statements/questions, the unconsciousness can be accessed, and a new awareness can emerge to bring additional freedom and understanding to your life.


Is a safe and effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure to restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.  It helps the body re-hydrate by and creating space in the body. It is performed with out the use of lotion and with the client partially clothed.

For 23 years I have studied the mind/body connection through various paths, which include, psychology, yoga, and Vipassana Meditation. This path lead me to pursue Rosen Method Bodywork and massage. My purpose is to share Transformative Bodywork with others so they may experience a better understanding of themselves and improve their wellbeing.

I provide Transformative Bodywork as a path to greater awareness, easing the body to alleviate pain. Some of the conditions I have worked with are stress, musculoskeletal injuries, headaches, migraines, chronic pain and fatigue, cancer and insomnia. Each treatment is tailored to the individual. No two treatments are the same, similar to how no two people are the same. It’s the journey and process that matter.

Professional Training and Affiliations:

- BA Psychology, University of San Diego, CA 1998

- 745 certified hours, Yoga teacher training with Rodney Yee, Claire Finn, Richard Rosen and Donna Fone. Piedmont Yoga Center, Oakland CA 2001-03

- 692 hours, Rosen Method Bodywork with Marion Rosen, Sarah Dandridge, Elaine Mayland, Hehi-Li Chow, and Valerie Luoto– Rosen Method Center, Berkeley CA, 2003-2005

- Member of ABMP 2012-present

- Nationally Certified Massage therapist NCTMB 2012-Present

- Nominee for regional massage therapist 2015

- 30 hours CE MFR Minneapolis, MN 2016

The best advertising for any business is word of mouth. The Bodhi Tree Bodywork referral program is available to all existing clients.

The process is simple - for every new client you refer that comes in for two body work sessions, you will receive one-hour session as a thank you from me.

The best way for you to thank me for my work is to talk to others about the positive impact it’s has in your life – and encourage others to take the same journey.

Thank you!